Guided tours are available June – September.
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The farm is located 20 minutes southeast of Mason City, Iowa and 2 hours northeast of Des Moines, Iowa on a hard surfaced road.  It is all handicap accessible except the hayloft.  The meeting room in the barn and the climate controlled museum in the hog house are air conditioned.  Length of the tours depends on the areas chosen and the amount of time decided on when the tour is set up.  Cookies and drink are served as on farm visits in the past.  Catered meals are also available and served in the barn meeting room.

Tyden Farm No.6 Tours

America's true unsung innovator

Young Emil Tyden

Young Emil Tyden

On a tour at Tyden Farm No. 6 you will discover one of America's true unsung innovators, Emil Tyden. After the Swedish immigrant's arrival in 1882 he would invent the Tyden seal during his railroad days, patent the Viking sprinkler system while manufacturing in Chicago. and transform 8 farms in north central Iowa into grand operations between 1915 and 1936. It is a good idea to start your tour watching the Documentary to get the background of the man and his farms.

Unique Farm Buildings

Corn CribEmil Tyden bought No. 6 in 1936 and in the next year he built up the Farm Buildings, like he did on the other farms, including a 140’X40’barn and a cement corn crib 60’ tall. You will see the inside of these impressive buildings and how they were operated.

Antique Farm Machinery

In the back and around the barn you will begin to understand how hard they worked when you see the Antique Farm Machinery and how it ran.

Step Back In Time

You can visit the hog house/farrowing house that was built in 1941 and renovated in 2013 into a climate controlled Museum with handicapped accessible bathroom. It contains 1940-50's farm family memorabilia, most of which is from Ted and Judy’s families.

Judy's Gardens

Along with the wonderful buildings and history of the farm, you can enjoy the whimsy, fun and stories of Judy’s Gardens.

Keeping the Heat Out

The oldest building on the farm is the Summer Kitchen. When the weather was too hot and humid in the 1920’s and 1930’s many families had a separate building called a summer kitchen to cook, can garden produce and do laundry to keep the heat out of the house.

Our Home

A tour of the Sears house Ted and Judy live and work in can also be a part of a tour.

Modern Day All in the Family

If you want to know more about Modern Farming an informational question and answer time can be included with Ted and the two sons that farm with him.

Complimentary cookies and drink are always served as on the farms of old.

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